The Boat Yard Services

The Boat Yard offers repair and maintenance services for all of your marine crafts. Regularly scheduled maintenance or engine mechanical repair, we do it all! Before you take your boat to that high priced mechanic, call us for a free estimate.

Underwater Recovery & Repair Services We offer Sunken Snowmobile, Sunken ATV, Sunken boat recovery, Sunken vehicle recovery, Marine salvage, Search & Recovery , Cable & rope cutting, Recovery of lost Propellers, Recovery of lost Anchors, We cover: Illinois &Wisconsin

Not only do we use the best in recovery equipment to insure your investment does not get damaged from our retrieval, we also have a fully stocked shop and mechanics standing by to get you back up and running in hours!

– Full Marine Service & Repair
– Personal Watercraft Service & Repair
– Professional Detailing
– Summerizing
– Boat / Trailer Hauling & Delivery
– Winterizing
– Shrink Wrapping
– Snowmobile Service
– Airboat Service
– Mooring & Raft System Installation
– Maintenance of Rafts & Moorings
– Mooring & Raft Inspections
– Dock/Boathouse Repair and Inspection
– Barge Service: Hauling & Transporting
– Underwater Video Services
– Light Underwater Carpentry
– Search & Recovery
– Light Salvage
– Snowmobile Recoveries
– Vehicle Recoveries

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